• Who Likes Sports?

    Hey Nerds and Fellow Dads Just to give you a quick sneak peak on this coming weeks episode. Like the Titles suggests we will be talking about sports as part […]

  • Tier list Anime Rumble

    Yo Nerd and Daddies check out our Tier List and share it out to see how you compare to our fellow Nerd Daddies

  • PodBreed

    Hey everyone it has been a long time coming on this post but we have been supported by PodBreed since about Episode 2 and this is a great network to […]

  • Episode 6 – Pumpkin spice, horsie sauce, and why Logan is so shiny?

    Join the daddies this week as they discuss how they would survive in medieval times, LARPing, lattes, and…. God really?! Feces? Then they try to guess movies off the bad […]

  • Logan’s Gear

    I figured we are all Nerds so why not share what I am working with 😉 Tell us what your gear is and what you are working with!