• Who Likes Sports?

    Hey Nerds and Fellow Dads Just to give you a quick sneak peak on this coming weeks episode. Like the Titles suggests we will be talking about sports as part […]

  • Jeopardy Fun from Episode 14

    Hey Nerds and Dads, i just wanted to post up the Jeopardy game that we played during this episode. It really was alot of fun doing this and just in […]

  • Tier list Anime Rumble

    Yo Nerd and Daddies check out our Tier List and share it out to see how you compare to our fellow Nerd Daddies

  • PodBreed

    Hey everyone it has been a long time coming on this post but we have been supported by PodBreed since about Episode 2 and this is a great network to […]

  • Jedi Vs Sith Who Really is better

    Now i know we had a good shake down and debate on Episode 4 about which is better and i did promise i would show my notes on the real […]

  • Logan’s Gear

    I figured we are all Nerds so why not share what I am working with 😉 Tell us what your gear is and what you are working with!

  • May the 4th be With you.

    What is some of your favorite Star Wars Films / Shows?I personally love the original Trilogy but i really like what they did with Rogue One from the movie side […]