Tech Dirty To Me #1

Hey fellow Nerd and dads i figured i would give everyone’s insight on what we talked about in the second episode of the season and 1st ever Tech Dirty to me!

1st we have the Shoe case while it looks cool and probably costs a ton, but that wont stop shoe enthusiasts from building one out.

2nd we have the multi-volume knob controller. Like we mentioned in this episode cool if you have multiple audio outputs to control like I (Logan) use everytime i game.

3rd we have the logitech mic covers i personally like the mustache cover i would totally use this

4th we have the Ambernic retro handheld console. featured all over tiktok this little device is pretty cool and im really wanting to get one!

5th thing we talked about was Moon light which you can view here cool program if you have an nvidia card

6th We talked about glass mousepad and chair mats. I dont feel comfortable using a glass chair mat but thats more of a personal preference and a glass mousepad might be something to try! Alex stated that its suppose to have zero friction but let us know in the comments below!

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