Jedi Vs Sith Who Really is better

Now i know we had a good shake down and debate on Episode 4 about which is better and i did promise i would show my notes on the real reason the Sith are better so here ya go!

  1. They Aren’t Tied Down and Have Fewer Restrictions
    The galaxy is a vast place and while any individual Jedi may see a lot of that, they mostly just go where they are told and carry out their mission. Rarely doing anything else while they’re there. The Sith, not having such a strict mandate, are able to experience more in their travels and lives.
  2. They Have a Cooler Aesthetic Than the Jedi
    The Sith just plain look better. Jedi look like well taken care of hermits while Sith look like impressive avatars of darkness; as if their clothes are made of living shadows.
  3. The Sith Are Equal Opportunity Employers
    The Jedi are known for pretty much staying to themselves and that sort of makes sense- they have the backing of the largest government in the galaxy and have thousands of members. They have the resources to be largely self-sufficient

    The Sith, on the other hand, build coalitions and employ anyone they can in their quest to topple their ancient foes. While the people working for the Sith don’t often know who they are working for, it doesn’t change the fact that the Sith are much better about getting everyone involved and creating something that is more inclusive than the monastic Jedi.
  4. Force Powers are superior
    The Force is a formidable ally to all who use it, giving them powers that allow them to do all kinds of amazing feats. While the Jedi do some amazing things with the Force, they also hold themselves back a lot and their powers are merely okay. They’re limited by what their morality allows them to do.

    Sith don’t have such limits and have used the Force in some truly phenomenal ways. Force lightning is a great long-range weapon that can incapacitate or kill opponents, protecting the user and whoever they’re with. The Force choke is the logical extension of telekinesis and is another power that can stop fights before they happen. Also, the Sith’s mind powers are much stronger, allowing them to dominate their foes’ minds.
  5. Sith See Potential and allow it to flourish
  6. More focused than the jedi
  7. They aren’t hypocrites

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